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Hey there, amazing person! Just stopping by again to wish you good luck with having to spend the time with your mother for so long. You are great and I know that there are plenty people that will be there for you if you need to talk or vent. You are awesome. Strong. Awesomely strong. And you are loved. Don't you ever forget how amazing you are cause I will hunt you down and talk some sense in you. Good luck, be okay.

Thankfully I’ll have a pretty chill roommate soon too. It’s way hard though, every time I think to myself, I can’t keep doing this, I can’t go on. And then somehow I do anyways I don’t even know how. I’m sure glad I have everybody though, I’d probably be doing what I used to do with my life otherwise and that wasn’t so great at all.

hi i just want to say i LOVE your ryuko print but how the diddly dang dong doo am i supposed to explain to my mother when i have a mostly naked woman hanging on my wall;; i hope you have a SUPER day and i want to let you know your art is AMAZING and people who don't live with their parents should buy your prints btw your gf is super gr8 tell her i told her that

People who live with their parents should totally get it. Give it as a gift to their parents. Every parent should want unprompted gifts from their children- jkjk don’t do that it’s a horrible idea forget I said anything.

Howdy there again! glad to know you don't mind me stopping by to tell you how awesome you are. I really appreciate you as a person, you're so unique and cool. I hope you're having a fantastic day today. <3

Oh gosh, well I can’t remember how my day was then, but today’s just been an off day. Just been laying around and trying to get some art done.

Now I hope you’ve been well!

Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto ten of your favorite followers ♥ (You don't actually have to do this, just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite followers)

I have too many favorite followers to just be 10 so I’m not going to pass it on to anybody, except Haley.

1. I actually have quite a temper though few have seen it.

2. I never know if I’m really confident or really hard on myself.

3. I’ve almost given up on being an artist more times than I cared to count.

4. I forget to wear my glasses a lot and then wonder why everything is blurry.

5. I have an absurd sweet tooth.

6. and a crazy metabolism to match.

7. Lots of times I don’t actually see myself as very emotionally stable at all.

8. I tend to remember the most random details about people if they’re important enough to me.

9. I actually just want to be friends with everybody.

10. I know some of the coolest nicest people and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Howdy there. I hope you don't mind me stopping by to tell you that you are such a fantastic person, I hope you have a terrific day today! <3

I most certainly do not mind! It’s hard to be down when I get messages like this haha. As far as my day goes though.. ugh, I’ll be stuck with my mom in a car half of the day then in a hotel room in Vegas(a place i’m not particularly fond of) until mid wednesday! Not my idea of fun.

Hi there, awesome person! How are you doing? Your art makes my day. You are so talented AND you are strong, sweet, funny and amazeballs. Don't you ever forget that. Be okay!

My art makes my day too if it’s being agreeable and actually happens. I have an awful habit of tying my art in entirely with my emotional state, so let’s say that I’m depressed, I sure as hell am not getting any art done! Well, once my mom leaves I’ll probably get waaay more productive.




When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks


It’s true. Good thing you haven’t seen me blow up though. An explosive temper runs in the family, it could damage our friendship.

who would u say is your top 10 list of awesome people you've met thru tumblr, or maybe just the internet in general.



Oh man, let’s see… Well there’s Haley, Grace, Jeri, Asy, Kris, Sam, Tina (and Hera tho I actually met her through irl at Anime Expo haha), Min, Octo, Wally…. Actually I’m just going to list more because too many awesome people! Some I haven’t talked to so much though o m o and I’m just awful at starting conversations.

There’s also Tai, Trix, Urska (Octo’s p dang chill wife), Fran(I haven’t talked to you in forevs though dang it), Kim(whose one million year old commission I have not forgotten), Druss, Tobi, all of the Rangers too really, Paprika, and really just too many to list.

But actually the one who takes the cake is definitely the ‘amazing person anon’. Whoever you are, two thumbs up, all the gold stars, all the free toasters!

*gasp* *beam*

ilu jude u amazingggggg

*dramatic friend hug* No asy, it’s you who’s amazing. *wow shounen anime moment*