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What was it like meeting for the first time IRL? Question coming from someone hopelessly in love with someone really far away. We keep very realistic about things, but both secretly romantics and think she might be the one for me and vice versa. Just wanna know if you have any advice.


haha well simply, it was amazing

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To anybody in a situation like this anon!!!

The most realistic thing to keep in mind is that if you truly do what you can to meet a person, you will achieve it no matter what. Maybe it won’t be in a month or even a year, but there’s so much you can do to make it possible. The reality of things is that some things that are worth having (like a great relationship) won’t always be right at your doorstep. Some things you have to work very long and very hard for, but it only makes it all the more worth it. Don’t get scared by distance or time, pick up your courage; you can make it happen.

Have you looked at a mirror lately? You should, you know. The mirror looks a whole lot better with you in it. In fact, a lot of things tend to look better with you in them. That's all. Go be your amazing self today too. - Potato-anon

It looks better with you in it too.

Also, apologies, but I’ll be cooking you later.

Sorry if this is kinda personal, but how did you meet Selena? I've seen a bunch of happy relationships online and i've always wondered how they've started c:


Haha aww nah I don’t mind sharing~

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Yes, the story of how we got together.

That’s so cool! I put diversity in everything I make. most of my babies are poc or disabled. But oh golly, y’ave a video game project?! that’s amazin’!

Haha, yup! It’s on hold right now and is barely even in beginning stages, but it’s actually my first project to have somebody who’s a poc as the main character. Well, the races of the world are different, but if there were an equivalent I’d say she’s a mix of Indian and Spanish. I’ve even planned out an entire town that’s going to be predominantly African and Mongolian inspired.

I actually have another game idea that takes place in a realm based off of Africa, since there are like no games like that??? Or at least nothing I’ve seen or heard of.

A big theme I had in mind when actually considering making video games was to have a lot of representation of the diversity of real life people. So, there will be a more even ratio of women to men, spectrums for sexuality, gender identity, and romantic interest, multiple cultures and races, religions, disabilities, personalities, and so on.

It’s kind of frustrating how lots of companies (or at least the fans) claim they’re trying to include those things, but their products speak little of their boasted efforts.

disabled characters are great imo

They are really. I actually had a convo with one of my aunts once about my video game project and we went pretty into depth about having disabled characters either as minor, background, or main characters. I really like diversity and it’s kind of a shame I haven’t made much to show that!


I have like a crap ton of background information about her (but no life story yet) and I realised that she’s my first blind character, how even? How have I not before?

bringin home alllll the ladoies~

Gotta live vicariously through my characters. The more characters I have, the more fictional girlfriends as well. A+ scheme.

I really want to make a bunch of OCs to send off into the wild and bring home girlfriends, but first I still need to finish Lilia because she’s actually a blind demon lady with a hellhound guide dog and there needs to be more references.

I’m trying to catch up with fics, but then I see suggestions everywhere and I must read everything. I probably have like 20+ tabs of fanfiction open right now.

Mom: *tries to skype call*

Me: I’m not up for talking atm.

Mom: *tries to skype call me again and again as I hit ‘decline’ every time*